Friday, March 28, 2014

#Hair Issues

Every woman in the world has had, at some point, a bad hair day!
It's annoying, i know, i have a struggle with my hair every single day.
My hair it's curly, but not the nice, flowy and bouncy curls, no! It's a mess of frizzy, stuck out the the hair curls, so i straighten it every day. But it's exhausting!
My harms get tired, the hair doesn't always turn out the way i want it and in these days i loose precious minutes of my daily routine trying to get my hair right without succeding.
When this happened i just made a poney tale and resigned to my fate, but now, with the big bun trend i can be stylish, have a polished, professional look for those days when my hair just doesn't cooperate.
And you can try a bunch of different buns too. You can make a little braid to twist it up a bit, a low bun, a high bun, a messy bun, a tight bun, a side bun, whatever you like you can do it and look good.
Which bun is your favourite?

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