Friday, March 21, 2014

It's friday !

It's friday, supposedly the happiest day of the week because the weekend it's about to start!
We all get very excited bewaring the tought of two days without working
(Hip hip hurray), but in reallity what do we do on the weekend?
I usually end up throwing it to waist, ending up doing absolutely nothing all day and complaining that the weekend ia over so soon.
Well that is about to change!! Since i started working out, the weekends became more interesting because they give me a chance to NOT workout alone and then, since i'm not alone anymore, i always go for a stroll around the city, becaming a tourist in my very own city, finding new ans interesting places and  views to share with you.
I'll share my weekends with you, will you share yours with me?

How do you enjoy your weekend?

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