Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#Trends Spring/Summer 2014

Fashion is a big part of my life, i love it, i love it's meaning, the colours, shapes and joy that it brings to people's life.
I love the fact that we are able to express exactly who are, how we want to be perceived by the world or even the mood we're in that day just by 'displaying' our clothes.
Fashion drives me as well as millions of people all over the world and that is inspiring to say the least.
So, as a fashion addict, it wouldn't be 'normal' if i didn't adress this season's trends, my intake on them and wich ones i will (or not) adopt.
I'm not going to buy a lot of new clothes because i'm getting married this year and that is my priority rigth now, but that doesn't mean i won't buy some as well as making the best out of my closet, wether it's by renewing, repurposing and reusing my pieces.
I'll keep you updated on that :)

Meanwhile let's see the trends for this summer?

1: Midi-length.
 Wether it's on skirts or on culottes, the midi-lenght is having a super comeback. I have to say, i absolutely love it, i adore the idea, especially for the wide legged culottes. As for the skirts, although i love them, i still haven't found the one that surrenders me to the trend. Hopefully it will be this summer. Fingers crossed!

2: Jumpsuits.
 In shorts or pants they're back! Flowy, sheer materials all ready for a hot summer, this is the piece that's not going away.
Personally i only own one jumpsuit and i love it, obviously that's the reason why i bought it, but i don't feel comfortable wearing it so i just don't. I love to see them on other people, i envy them, but when i put one on i just don't feel like me. This is a trend i won't be adopting. :( 

3: Sheer.
 Cut outs or simply just sheer, showing your figure without taking off your clothes is the way to go this summer. It's feminine, sexy and fab. It needs a little of moderation so it won't fall on the ridiculous side of fashion, but it's totally 'doable'. I like it, i'll own it! 

4: Pastels.
 They came to stay last summer. It'a super sweet, super feminine, kind of 'i just want to eat you up' trend. They're everywhere, in every piece and they look girly and adorable. For me ... it takes me a while to get used to it. I love them, just not on me, i'm working on it tough. I'd love to look sweet and girly but i'm more of a neutrals or strong colours kind of girl. It's a slow process but i'll get there eventually.

5: Graphic Prints.
 Now this is a trend that's right up my alley. I love a good print and a graphic one almost makes me want to cry of joy. In bold colours or in B&W i love all of them and you also don't want to miss it. I'm still to find the print that doesn't sweep me off my feet. No need to say i'll be adopting this one right, 'cause it never really left my closet.

6: Flowers.
 As always, florals make their appearance in the summer ( although they sort of were already here from the winter), but now we have all kinds of florals. Oriental flowers, graphic flowers, abstract flowers, sweet flowers, bold flowers, you name it we have it. Just pick one and rock out the flower effect! 

7: Sport Chic.
 It started in the winter, a little shy, masquerading as a varsity themed sport, but now designers are taking it to the next level. Sport items mixed with high couture all over the place. Loose long tees with sky high heels, personally i love it. It's a super easy trend to wear and rock out on the streets.

That's it! Wich trends will you be rocking this summer?

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