Monday, April 28, 2014

#OOTD - Stripes

A skinny jean, a wedge shoe and a stripped shirt, these are the ingredients of today's outfit.
A semi empty parking lot with bright colours on the walls and there's my scenario.

Jeans : Stradivarius
Shirt : Zara
Shoes : Aldo
Bag : Aldo


Friday, April 25, 2014

#A Pint of Love - handmade with love!

Like I told you guys before I'm kind of a DIY artist.
I love making my own things and this goes for everything, from the food I eat to the art I display in my house and everything in between.
So, a few years back, outraged with the prices of accessories I decided to make my own necklaces, earrings, keychains, etc ... They were quite a success and I started to make them for sale, I was doing pretty good but then life got in the way, time was short, I wasn't capable of responding to the requests so I gradually stopped my little business.
A while ago, I started to miss those moments when my creativity was lost in the beads and I just did whatever came to my mind so I decided to make them again.
I even made a Facebook page for my small business, and even tough I don't post everyday, not even close to it, I still manage to have jewelry requests and I get things done, even tough most of the times I forget to take pictures of the requests and then I don't post them.
Either way it's moving along slowly but moving and I am my biggest customer because I want everything I make ;), some times it's really hard for me to part with a piece, but I still do it.
I'll leave with pictures of some of my work and if you're interested you can check them at A  Pint of Love Facebook page.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#OOTD - I love me a ripped jean

Altough the day wasn't great because I broke the lock on one of my favourite bags, it was still a pretty great day.
We had some visitors so we strolled around the city showing them the views.
It doesn't seem that way because I only remembered to take my #OOTD pictures when we were already at the train station ready to say goodbye to our visitors.
Still it was a day well spent!

T-shirt : Zara
Jeans : PepeJeans
Slippers : Aldo
Bag : Zara
Shades : RayBan


Friday, April 18, 2014

#OOTD - Easter dedicated

Today I'm wearing a very very old T-shirt, I've had it for around 12 years now, it was one of my first buys when I started working because I was obsessed with the brand.
It had super graphic designs, with great prints and awesome materials.
The brand is Religion and sadly I can't find it anywhere nowadays but I still have some very cherished item's.

Hope you like it. Happy Easter everyone!

T-shirt : Religion
Jeans : Zara
Cardigan : Zara
Clutch : Zara
Snickers : Converse
Shades : Vintage RayBan

Thursday, April 17, 2014

#DIY Art

Decorating can be an expensive hobby, from furniture to the art you display in your house, everything costs money and sometimes it's really hard to find, not only, pieces that you love and that fit into your decoration style but also that are inexpensive.
I find that a great and cheap way to make my dream house come true it's to DIY some art and even furniture that was given to me or that other people just don't want.
Rearranging old pieces of furniture, painting them and giving them a new look it's a great way to have  exactly what you want without spending to much money.
The same goes for the art you place around your house.
I'm not a very experienced DIYer but I try and I get better every time I do it.

Today I'll bring you a little art project, but I'll show you more of my DIY projects throughout the time.
I wanted some simple, black and goldish paintings to hang in my room, but I just couldn't find anything that fitted into my taste or my budget.
They either fitted one or the other but never both, so I decided to buy two small canvas (2€ a piece) , I already had some oil paint and spray paint that my mother had given me and a old doilly that was good for the trash can.
I painted one canvas black and the other golden, then when they were dryed I placed the doilly on them and filled the spaces with the opposite colour.
In result I now have two lovely, soft paintings to hang.
Exactly what I wanted for only 4€, I know that if I had to buy the paint it would be a little more, but even then it wouldn't be more than 10€ for both paintings.
I'll leave you with the pictures and when they're totally dryed out I'll show you them hanged up.

Do you DIY? What are your favourite DIY projects?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#OOTD - keep your style on a bugdet

 The economy scenario hasn't been famous all over the world for the past few years and for that reason a lot of people start to pay less atention to what they wear or how they take care of themselves.
 This is understandable, people in general make less money but that doesn't necessarily mean they have less expenses and cuting out expenses with outfits and beauty is one way to save money.  
Altough i would LOVE to spend my monthly budget on new clothes and shoes, that is just not possible because i have bills to pay, a house and a car to maintain and a wedding that i really want to come trough, so the money that i could spend on shoes and clothes has been spent on more important things.
 This does not mean, at all, that i don't buy new items, it just means that i have to make more conscious buys.
In order to maintain my closet updated and still be fashionable i make smart buys, this means that i take "advantage" of the sales. When the winter sales arrive i try, not only to buy items for next winter, but also things that i can use in the summer. This works out because the beggining of the winter collections have a lot of mid-season articles that get stuffed in their warehouses only to come out during sale season.
 I do this all the time and i end up saving a lot of money this way, for instance, the outfit below cost me about 60€ in total and it consists on pieces i wear all the time. In the summer sales you can do the exact same thing, and save a lot of money while keeping in trend and fashionable.
 Another way to save money is to regularly check your closet, sometimes we have pieces that we haven't worn in a while and look great, or others that don't really look that great now but with a little work from a seamstress can look just perfect and updated to the latest trends.
 It really is a choice and we should never give up on ourselves because we have to live with us, it's up to us to keep our self estime high and we all know, sometimes,  what we wear and how we presente ourselves has a big part on our self estime level.
It's not that i wouldn't LOVE to buy and wear designer clothes all the time, but that just isn't my reallity.

These are a few of my tips on how to stay fashionable without spending a lot money, what are yours?

Denim jacket : offered to me
Blue shirt : Primark
Printed pants : Pull&Bear
Slipper shoes : Aldo
Necklace : Aldo
Bag : Zara

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've mentioned in a previous post the importance of breakfasts in a healthy life style.
It's true, it really is the most important meal because we've been hours without ingesting any food and our bodies need the fuel to start a brand new day.
Toasts and coffee used to be my breakfast of choice, if any, i have to admit that a lot of times i would get up, get ready and get out the door without eating or drinking anything.
I'd start my day's work without fuel and feeling tired and irritable for most of the morning.
When i started wanting to get a healthier life style, breakfast was again introduced in my diet and it was the change that was harder to get used to but also the one that made a bigger difference.
These days i always have breakfast, and a big one too, everyday i prepare a big bowl of fruits, yogurt and nuts with toast and juice or oats with fruits, toast and juice.
At first it would take me forever to finish my breakfast because my stomach just wasn't used to it anymore and i would feel full and kind of nauseated before i finished, but i made an effort to finish everytime, and altough i wouldn't feel good while eating it i noticed my days were having a better start.
I'd feel more energysed and in a better mood troughout the day.
Now all is good, i get trough my breakfast really quick and i wouldn't know how to go back to not eating it.
I'll leave you with some pictures of my breakfasts, if you'd like any recipes just ask and i'll post them ;)

How about you? What's your healthy breakfast?

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Walking around in Coimbra.
Having an afrodisiac tea at 'Turbante'.
Feeling happy ;)
All the items are for past collections

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#5 easy steps to figth off the fatigue

We all have our moments, that day that's been particularly exhausting, that nigth that we just couldn't sleep.
Whatever the reason, we all have days when the fatigue it's just overwhelming and we feel like we're dragging ourselves troughout the day, so in order to fight the super annoying fatigue, i'll give 5 steps to shake it off.

1: have a good breakfast.
 The first meal of the day is the most important one, we all have heard it at some point in our lives. It should contain fibers, complex carbs and proteins. A poor breakfast is a huge energy boost saboteur. So, forget about your toast and coffee on the run and have some bread, cheese, milk and fruits, or a yogurt with wallnuts and banana with a side of toast and juice. Eat well, your body will treat you better. I promisse!

2: no more excuses. Workout!
 Exercising will help you sleep better and will also make your body release energy building endorphins that not only will give you more energy but will also give you a sense of happiness. You're too busy, you don't have the time, the gym membership is too expensive ... excuses! Take 20/30 minutes of your day and walk, run, dance ... do whatever you want but exercise.

3: hydrate.
 Feeling tired is on of the main signs of dehydration. Drink about 8 glasses of water, in between meals, to keep your hydration levels high. If you're not a fan of water, drink natural juices or teas, but drink and drink plenty.

4: take a break dude!
 A little break on your everyday routine can be just enough to boost up your energy levels. Rotine is tough, it's exhausting, so just take five. Go outside for five minutes, enjoy the sun on your face, take deep breaths, clear your head. Your day will run along a lot better.
5: shut down your phone.
 Eletronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers interfere in the quality of your sleep. Nowadays our phones are absolutely essential to our lives, we wakeup and check our facebooks before brushing our teeth, i know, i do it too! But it's a bad habit, it increases anxiety levels because we just have to know what's going on in our social network lives. Leave it alone. Shut everything down 20 minutes before bed, share the news with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. They're right there next to you and you'll relax a lot more. I'll take this one to myself also ;)

We're on our way to a healthy, stress-free life, join us and share your toughts, tips and hints too!