Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#5 easy steps to figth off the fatigue

We all have our moments, that day that's been particularly exhausting, that nigth that we just couldn't sleep.
Whatever the reason, we all have days when the fatigue it's just overwhelming and we feel like we're dragging ourselves troughout the day, so in order to fight the super annoying fatigue, i'll give 5 steps to shake it off.

1: have a good breakfast.
 The first meal of the day is the most important one, we all have heard it at some point in our lives. It should contain fibers, complex carbs and proteins. A poor breakfast is a huge energy boost saboteur. So, forget about your toast and coffee on the run and have some bread, cheese, milk and fruits, or a yogurt with wallnuts and banana with a side of toast and juice. Eat well, your body will treat you better. I promisse!

2: no more excuses. Workout!
 Exercising will help you sleep better and will also make your body release energy building endorphins that not only will give you more energy but will also give you a sense of happiness. You're too busy, you don't have the time, the gym membership is too expensive ... excuses! Take 20/30 minutes of your day and walk, run, dance ... do whatever you want but exercise.

3: hydrate.
 Feeling tired is on of the main signs of dehydration. Drink about 8 glasses of water, in between meals, to keep your hydration levels high. If you're not a fan of water, drink natural juices or teas, but drink and drink plenty.

4: take a break dude!
 A little break on your everyday routine can be just enough to boost up your energy levels. Rotine is tough, it's exhausting, so just take five. Go outside for five minutes, enjoy the sun on your face, take deep breaths, clear your head. Your day will run along a lot better.
5: shut down your phone.
 Eletronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers interfere in the quality of your sleep. Nowadays our phones are absolutely essential to our lives, we wakeup and check our facebooks before brushing our teeth, i know, i do it too! But it's a bad habit, it increases anxiety levels because we just have to know what's going on in our social network lives. Leave it alone. Shut everything down 20 minutes before bed, share the news with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. They're right there next to you and you'll relax a lot more. I'll take this one to myself also ;)

We're on our way to a healthy, stress-free life, join us and share your toughts, tips and hints too!


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