Friday, April 25, 2014

#A Pint of Love - handmade with love!

Like I told you guys before I'm kind of a DIY artist.
I love making my own things and this goes for everything, from the food I eat to the art I display in my house and everything in between.
So, a few years back, outraged with the prices of accessories I decided to make my own necklaces, earrings, keychains, etc ... They were quite a success and I started to make them for sale, I was doing pretty good but then life got in the way, time was short, I wasn't capable of responding to the requests so I gradually stopped my little business.
A while ago, I started to miss those moments when my creativity was lost in the beads and I just did whatever came to my mind so I decided to make them again.
I even made a Facebook page for my small business, and even tough I don't post everyday, not even close to it, I still manage to have jewelry requests and I get things done, even tough most of the times I forget to take pictures of the requests and then I don't post them.
Either way it's moving along slowly but moving and I am my biggest customer because I want everything I make ;), some times it's really hard for me to part with a piece, but I still do it.
I'll leave with pictures of some of my work and if you're interested you can check them at A  Pint of Love Facebook page.


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