Thursday, April 17, 2014

#DIY Art

Decorating can be an expensive hobby, from furniture to the art you display in your house, everything costs money and sometimes it's really hard to find, not only, pieces that you love and that fit into your decoration style but also that are inexpensive.
I find that a great and cheap way to make my dream house come true it's to DIY some art and even furniture that was given to me or that other people just don't want.
Rearranging old pieces of furniture, painting them and giving them a new look it's a great way to have  exactly what you want without spending to much money.
The same goes for the art you place around your house.
I'm not a very experienced DIYer but I try and I get better every time I do it.

Today I'll bring you a little art project, but I'll show you more of my DIY projects throughout the time.
I wanted some simple, black and goldish paintings to hang in my room, but I just couldn't find anything that fitted into my taste or my budget.
They either fitted one or the other but never both, so I decided to buy two small canvas (2€ a piece) , I already had some oil paint and spray paint that my mother had given me and a old doilly that was good for the trash can.
I painted one canvas black and the other golden, then when they were dryed I placed the doilly on them and filled the spaces with the opposite colour.
In result I now have two lovely, soft paintings to hang.
Exactly what I wanted for only 4€, I know that if I had to buy the paint it would be a little more, but even then it wouldn't be more than 10€ for both paintings.
I'll leave you with the pictures and when they're totally dryed out I'll show you them hanged up.

Do you DIY? What are your favourite DIY projects?

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