Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#OOTD - keep your style on a bugdet

 The economy scenario hasn't been famous all over the world for the past few years and for that reason a lot of people start to pay less atention to what they wear or how they take care of themselves.
 This is understandable, people in general make less money but that doesn't necessarily mean they have less expenses and cuting out expenses with outfits and beauty is one way to save money.  
Altough i would LOVE to spend my monthly budget on new clothes and shoes, that is just not possible because i have bills to pay, a house and a car to maintain and a wedding that i really want to come trough, so the money that i could spend on shoes and clothes has been spent on more important things.
 This does not mean, at all, that i don't buy new items, it just means that i have to make more conscious buys.
In order to maintain my closet updated and still be fashionable i make smart buys, this means that i take "advantage" of the sales. When the winter sales arrive i try, not only to buy items for next winter, but also things that i can use in the summer. This works out because the beggining of the winter collections have a lot of mid-season articles that get stuffed in their warehouses only to come out during sale season.
 I do this all the time and i end up saving a lot of money this way, for instance, the outfit below cost me about 60€ in total and it consists on pieces i wear all the time. In the summer sales you can do the exact same thing, and save a lot of money while keeping in trend and fashionable.
 Another way to save money is to regularly check your closet, sometimes we have pieces that we haven't worn in a while and look great, or others that don't really look that great now but with a little work from a seamstress can look just perfect and updated to the latest trends.
 It really is a choice and we should never give up on ourselves because we have to live with us, it's up to us to keep our self estime high and we all know, sometimes,  what we wear and how we presente ourselves has a big part on our self estime level.
It's not that i wouldn't LOVE to buy and wear designer clothes all the time, but that just isn't my reallity.

These are a few of my tips on how to stay fashionable without spending a lot money, what are yours?

Denim jacket : offered to me
Blue shirt : Primark
Printed pants : Pull&Bear
Slipper shoes : Aldo
Necklace : Aldo
Bag : Zara

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